Western Kentucky University: Student Support Services Essay

Western Kentucky University: Student Support Services Essay

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Student Support Services (SSS) is a marvelous program that is federally funded on the campus of Western Kentucky University which provides academic advisement, personal counseling, tutoring, and other services to help students adjust to college life, succeed academically and graduate from the university. I have worked for this program since the beginning of my sophomore year and I am also a current participant. It’s like a family away from home. I pretty much know everything there is about this program but I wanted to go behind the scenes of the organization to inform others.
 Overview of SSS
Student Support Services is a TRiO program, along with Educational Talent Search and Upward Bound which are federally-funded programs devoted to helping first generation, low-income students succeed in their high school performance and pursuits in their higher education. Student Support Services works with 225 students annually and is divided amongst three counselors. Since 1980, this program has had over one thousand students earn a degree.
Their Services
Student Support Services provide many different services where they communicate with their students face to face or by technological communication. Counselors’ help students develop course schedules, future scheduling, and make sure their general education classes are complete. The counselors help students with different issues, support in setting realistic goals, and advising on personal issues. The participants also receive free academic tutoring for general education classes.
Benefits & Extras
Student Support Services has a benefit called priority registration were participants are granted the ability to register for classes ahead of others of their classification. This allows them...

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