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Beginning in the 1700’s there was a drive of Western Imperialism that significantly changed not only the political landscape of Europe, but the whole world. In the quest for Imperialism new lands and cultures were found and explored. There is no single motive that can be viewed as the one and only reason that Imperialism was pursued. Upon looking into the motives of Europeans it is clearly evident that economic, the spread of Christianity, adventure and Social Darwinism all played their part in inspiring the quest to expand the influence of Europeans throughout the world.
Throughout history the spread of Christianity has been a major factor for European expansion. This had a significant impact in the pursuit of imperialism. With the viewpoint being that it was God's will that the Christians of Europe were to save the souls of those not enlightened to the path of following Christ, many missionaries spread throughout the world in hope of winning souls for God. This also provided a benefit to the missionaries’ home nation. By winning the souls of a nation it would be easier for the conquering nation to ingratiate themselves to the citizens of the country they wished to add to their empire.
A predominant missionary during the 19th century was Dr. David Livingstone. He had both the heart of a missionary and an explorer which enable him to spread the Christian gospel throughout a large portion of Africa. During his quest Livingstone travelled 29,000 miles and contributed to adding the knowledge of one million square millions that was previously undiscovered (David Livinstone, 1813-1873, Missionary, Explorer). The impact of Livingstone in Africa can be seen in how he was treated in death. After embalming his body was tak...

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...st of the world up to their level of enlightenment and technological advances it is clear to see that without the lure of economic advancement none of these goals would have been truly a viable prospect.

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