Western Consumers Want The Most Bang For Their Buck Essays

Western Consumers Want The Most Bang For Their Buck Essays

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Western consumers want the most bang for their buck. They want to pay the least amount of money for the highest quality clothes. Most consumers do not take into consideration what the maker of the clothes is making; only how much it is going to cost them. If they took the time to go to a fabric store, price the fabric, thread and machinery needed to sew the garment, roughly $4 at the cheapest based on my research, and then add to that the time necessary to cut the fabric and sew it, best answer I received is over 45 minutes, times minimum wage ($7.25) equals about $5.45. The $4.00 material cost plus the $5.45 labor cost puts you at $9.45 for the shirt that Walmart sells for less than $5.00. Too many consumers would rather not think about the dirty aspects of the equation and just want to brag on what a great deal they got. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the workers who are just trying to make enough money to live. They live a meager existence in order to send money home to support family. These hard working (mostly) women live on less money a month than most western consumers make in a full day’s work. They work overtime while sick and hungry to have enough money to share a one room apartment with other women, have electricity and water, and then send money to help support family living in rural areas. They leave their husbands and children behind to work in these garment factories so that their children can get an education. They are not demanding more money so that they can get the latest phone or car, they want to be able to afford to go to the doctor when they need to. In the middle you have the manufacturers and corporations; that is where the money is. Their main concern is how to generate the most profit with th...

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...onthly wages and improved working conditions. If they would provide a free or highly subsidized breakfast and lunch program for workers, they would ensure proper nutrition for employees which would increase productivity and morale while decreasing turnover and missed time due to poor health. By issuing longer contracts, manufacturers can spend less on training freeing up money to improve safety in the factories. The workers need to band together and work on improving pay and conditions for everyone. They also need to stick together and not agree to work for less. I do not believe that the problems are insurmountable, but I also believe that the situation will never be fixed entirely. I believe that with small changes in thinking and business practices by all parties involved will allow achievement of more favorable working conditions for the Cambodia garment workers.

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