Essay on The Western And Eastern Hemispheres

Essay on The Western And Eastern Hemispheres

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The western and eastern hemispheres have very different approaches to health and medicine. In western hemisphere countries, such as the United States, medical practices are very scientific. Medicines and surgeries are common practices for the treatment of various ailments in western medical practices. Countries in the eastern hemisphere, such as China, are much more spiritual and energy based in their medicine. Many of Chinese medical practices have survived from ancient time because of their success. Unlike western medicine, Chinese medicine embodies the eastern hemispheres belief of strong connections between the mind and body. Both approaches to medicine have certain advances and limitations. The two approaches can even be used with one another to better the health of patients. Eastern hemisphere practices are often viewed with skepticism by western physicians, however, some western physicians study the eastern medicine practices with hopes of understanding their effectiveness. In The Mystery of Chi Bill Moyers travels to China with the hopes of uncovering the success of ancient Chinese medical practices centered around the phenomenon of chi.
Chinese physicians are uninterested in the chemistry behind their practices, but instead focus on the energy within the body, referred to as chi. Chi originated in the center of the body, below the naval, and flows through out the body through meridians. Disruption in the flow of chi can cause many ailment. Instead of the numerous drugs prescribed for illnesses in the western hemisphere, a majority of prescription in China a herbal remedies. A class of medicine, known as “soup medicine”, consists of various plants, seeds, insects, and lizards are prescribed as pills would be in weste...

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...hina have survived from ancient time because of their success. A large dedication to the study of Chinese medical practices is still necessary for their success. Chinese physician still complete years of medical school and residency, but in addition they must learn to develop and extra sense to feel chi. Often the goal of physicians in china is not to cure their patient, but to find a center in which a patient can be healed. The chemicals and surgeries frequently used in western medicine are usually not necessary in the eastern hemisphere because they are able to heal their bodies by restoring the balance with in. Considering the negative side-effects of many drugs and procedures, I think it is worth investigating the phenomenon of chi. If chi was incorporated into scientific western medicine, I think a lot more medical problems could be solve at a much lower price.

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