Western Aid : Forced On Non Western Countries Essay

Western Aid : Forced On Non Western Countries Essay

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Western “Aid” Forced on Non-Western Countries
As much good as the United Nations was trying to do when it set the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into law, they also didn’t bring in any non-Western countries in to write it. They completely ignored any input half the world may have had. When you write something like that, and expect everyone to comply just because you’re the one who wrote it and you say you have the best ideas for it without taking into account anyone else, you have made a huge mistake.
One of the main problems with trying to implement a Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that the more you ask countries who rely on completely different forms of political or economical organisation to agree to a document written by countries that almost all have some form of democratic government and vaguely capitalist economy the harder they are going to laugh at you. In 1948 when the Declaration was first drafted and signed into being, Russia sent a judge who called the whole document, “just a collection of pious phrases.” Which unfortunately, in a Russia ruled by Stal...

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