Essay about West Virginia Politicians

Essay about West Virginia Politicians

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West Virginia has a diverse history and strong record of struggle. From the original settlers to the current citizens, they have always found a way to survive and succeed (Wilson, 1990). The economic struggles of West Virginia have been due to the outsourcing of resources, income, capital, and information for the past 100 years (Cometti, 1966). This has led to reliance on the state and federal government to provide subsidies, and other welfare programs to help the citizens of the area feed, clothe, and shelter their selves (Erickson, 1986). Roughly, since the Kennedy administration’s increase of spending on food stamps and other assistance programs, and the correlated dwindling down of coal mining in the state, the adoption of citizens utilizing assistance programs has increased exponentially (Greenberg. 1969). Historically, democratic representatives display more favor in continuing or increasing these expenditures for assistance programs.
West Virginia’s voting for state and Congressional representatives have been overwhelmingly democratic since the 1960’s. For example, the late, great Robert C. Byrd was a democratic US Senator from 1959 to 2010. His efforts to bring pork barrel spending and ear marks to benefit his represented citizens was the understood methodology of his incumbency. The West Virginia House of Delegates is current 54 to 46, with Democrats being the majority party. Twenty-eight Democrats and six Republicans (WV Constitution) fulfill the 34 seats in the Senate. The federal representatives of the House and Senate are similar, with incumbent Democrats Jay Rockefeller, and Joe Manchin, as well as two Republican, and one Democratic representative in the House. For my local region of West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capi...

... middle of paper ... Accessed
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