West Orange, New Jersey, United States Essay

West Orange, New Jersey, United States Essay

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West Orange is a suburban township that’s located in central Essex County, New Jersey, United States. The district of West Orange is highly involved with the community, the safety of the citizens involved and try to interact with them as in activities too. Many residents/citizens move from different townships into West Orange because it’s considered as a safe environment especially, for good school standards for children. As in, when someone asks, “In what city do you live in?” and your response would be West Orange. In their opinion they would suggest it’s a good community to live in and especially how the Police Department and officers are highly involved within the community.
The demographics as stated from the Census Bureau, 2000 demonstrates the population of the different races in the West Orange community. White population alone would be 62.1% (27,907), Black would be 17.1% (7,672), Hispanics 10% (4,514), Asian 8.1% (3,619), two or more races 2.4% (1,060), other races .3% (120), American Indian .08% (38), and lastly, Native Hawaiian/Other/ Pacific Island alone would be .03% (13). Later on, shown from the West Orange NJ demographic data states from the years 2010-2014 the population, was about .18% and has increased during 2014-2019. Also, from household population .16% would be increased in the years to about .23%. Lastly, by the year of 2014-2019 the median household income would be increased to about 2.43%.
In West Orange Community crime rates throughout the years of 2000 until the year of 2013 has decreased slightly rapid. From the data form of crimes rates it demonstrates that the crime rate percentage was counted as per one thousand and also; from the beginning of the city crime index, it was about 283.3 but furthe...

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...s that ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizens and police officers.

Dear West Orange Police Community,
Most of the crimes involved during the years in the West Orange Community would be shown as thefts as in vehicle thefts. There should be implied a neighborhood watch in the community so the crime rates can continue on decreasing. Which patrol officers should walk on the streets and try to involve more with the people as in getting to know the community better. There’s higher risk than patrolling behind the patrol officer’s car. Neighborhood watch would recognizing suspicious activities and reporting crimes to police. Through Neighborhood Watch techniques, neighbors can help police catch rapists, muggers, drug dealers, kidnappers, or others who pose a danger to the safety of their community. And, most importantly, they keep an eye out for each other.

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