West Indies Yacht Club Analysis

West Indies Yacht Club Analysis

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Brief Introduction
This case is a good example of mistrust, the reason why one group of people has come to not trust another group of people. While being a native of Virgin Gorda Island and working for the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, many natives see expatriate workers come and go. Some of the workers are managers, yet most of them are just temporary workers during the high peak seasons like late December through early July. During the times of working together the employees would become friends, and then the expatriate workers would travel back home after the peak season to never return leaving the natives in mistrust of the expatriates. Besides two totally different cultures not trusting each other, this would cause problems and turmoil to an already troubled West Indies Yacht Club Resort.

Today's business world is a very delicate model and can break down with the slightest of ease. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is a good, strong management team followed by a good, intertwining associate team. The two groups serve, as different operational structures yet need to coincide on a very strict level. For a business's employees to be at arms with each other can create a big problem that happens to be at the prime area of business. This area is the area of direct customer interaction. To not keep the customer happy is to douse oneself with gasoline and proceed to striking a match. This problem brings us back to the introduction of trust and professionalism among workers.

In the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, the firm was encouraged a lot by the local government to post available jobs for natives to come and work, yet the resort was timid in that situation because of strict employment laws once they were hired on. Due to turmoil among native and expatriate workers, senior officials were stuck with several problems: (1) the turnover ratio in managerial positions, the customer complaints, and the culture feud, which was at the center of their little problem. From the beginning of the resort until now, the resort has gone from the elite to mediocre due to growing competition and declining customer satisfaction. The organization of the resort is somewhat systematic although it doesn't have any extreme training programs. None of the managers have had extensive training except for what they had received at other places of business.

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To better cooperate with native employees as well as expatriate employees, the resort should require an organized training program in order to give managers the ability to build tactful relationships with their workers. This would also create similarities in work ethics among each individual organization in the resort. Many of the natives don't understand written instructional documents; therefore the managers would have to spend lots of time tending to mishaps caused by the lack of skill and know-how on the job. The time that the managers were spending on corrections was directly affecting the customers and their overall happiness about the services rendered.

Problems in a firm that begin in the smallest places can spread like a wild fire throughout an organization. One aspect can have direct effect on another and the problems spread from then on. This is why interaction among co-workers is very important. All levels of personnel should report to one another to keep business current and under control. This is one problem that has spread throughout the West Indies Yacht Club Resort and has disrupted its once prestigious reputation.

The problem with the relationship between native and expatriate workers has apparently been a growing concern and should have been pointed out and picked apart a long time ago. Since the labor laws and conditions made by the local government have ordered the resort to hire and promote native workers, the resort has to find some type of program to create positive interaction between the two cultures. The differences seems to cause tension on the job, lack of effort on the job, and a negative attitude on the job which in contrast creates a negative result from the attending customers. Because the culture feud seems to be affecting most other problems around the resort, a routine program involving cultural interaction should take place in order to regain a sense of unity around the firm. Having workers take part in extracurricular games or events would bring people together on a less stressful basis. The Research and Development crew in Chicago could contact old employees that may still be on file and question them about their relationships on the island and how they were maintained in good status and then adapt a program around statistical information.

A few strategically involved steps can also solve the high turnover of managers. First, the new hire managers should be sent to a training program somewhere on the island in order to learn the skills to operate their division correctly. Here they should have various role-playing situations for the managers to play through and solve random problems that can and will occur during the events to come. Second, the resort should hold peer meetings either by division or organization wide. In these meeting the managers can assess any problem on individual has and solve it before it begins to affect daily routines and business. The meeting could take place once a week at a certain time like in the beginning of the week or near the end. Last, the managers should be evaluated under certain performance criteria. Managers should undergo evaluation if there production is inadequate to that of a previous year to determine whether it was due to poor performance and lack of effort or just an economic issue. This will help maintain a high level of managerial output and possibly keep the turnover rate lower.

In conclusion with the final concern, there can be several ways of taking in customer complaints, solving them in a timely fashion, or solving them before they ever start. Running a tight ship is not at all impossible, but running a perfect ship can be. There will always be something that someone doesn't like, so to make them completely satisfied the resort needs near perfection in all areas of business. The resort could find times in a customers stay to make sure that everything is going as planned for their vacation. Simply asking them if the resort is accommodating their every need. After diner, after a resort sponsored outing, during cocktail hour, or just courtesy calling are all times to help smooth the customer over with a sense of comfort and welcome ness. To keep the customer satisfaction in order, a business must present its best side at all times. By doing this small problems may not spread as easily throughout the organization and better yet may not even start.
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