Essay on Wes 's Last Chance At The Murder Of Sargent Prothero

Essay on Wes 's Last Chance At The Murder Of Sargent Prothero

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I think the author meant that a person never knows if something that happens to them is a second chance or the last chance. No one knows if their action will lead to them getting a second chance or if that action was their last chance. The other Wes’s last chance was when he got arrested for the murder of Sargent Prothero. Author Wes’s last chance was when he tried to escape from the military school and failed. The difference in each of the Wes’s use of that chance was that the other Wes’s was on his last chance and the author Wes’s was on his second chance. Other Wes’s didn’t have any other way to go and no reason to change his life until it was too late. Author Wes’s made the decision to start taking military school serious and turn his life around.
The author Wes is looking to understand the other Wes 's life since they grow up in the same town and author Wes 's life could have gone the same way as the other Wes 's life. They both grow up in a similar environment and was raised by a single mother. Author Wes can see how the other Wes 's life went and saw that there were Decisions...

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