Essay on The Wes Moore 's ' The Other Wes '

Essay on The Wes Moore 's ' The Other Wes '

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The Other Wes Moore
Both Wes lived through similar circumstances that if one act had been done different their future could have been drastically different. This novel sheds the light on how two similar Lives can have surprisingly different outcomes when one chooses school and education while the other goes for the money and drugs. Growing up everyone has someone they look up to, and that certain individual helps shape the person they end up becoming as they get older, in the Wes’ case they did not have a father figure to guide them, but the different role models they did have played a big part in the person they each came out to be. The author Wes had a mother who was determined to guide him into the right path and went out of her way for it to happen, but in the other Wes Moore’s case his mother was never there, it may not have been her intention but that caused him to look out for himself and steered it him in the wrong path. A final role model that help influenced these boys was Tony for the the other Wes Moore and the sergeants from the military where he was sent.
How can two boys who grew up in nearly the same circumstances end up in completely different environments? one who accomplished a college education and the other living a life sentence in prison. It all comes down to the choices they made through out their lives. The author Wes concludes with “the chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his (Moore).” The author tries to imply that the environment they both lived in were so similar that if the author still had been in that environment he’d possibly be in the other Wes Moore 's position, but the tragedy is that the other Wes could of had the life the auth...

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...Moore 71) Mary chose to ignore the fact that her son was following his brothers footsteps she was in denial to think Wes would turn out just like his brother Tony, after starting to make large amounts of money from dealing drugs she could have taken action right there and then, instead of letting her denial get to her.
Although their are many reasons to believe that Wes’ future was an outcome of the decisions they made and the paths they willingly decided to take, their were many factors that also led to they’re very opposite directions in life and that is the supporters they had. Both Wes’ dealt with good & bad choices but the disadvantage the other Wes Moore had is he did not have people around him to keep on track unlike the author Wes who had his supportive mother. Mary could of had an impact in her sons life if she’d had only portrayed a strong parental figure

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