Were the needs of Quebecois Effectively Met? Essay

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From the Confederation of Canada, to present day, French Canadians have always thought that Canada's path towards the future should be embodied in a different manner. Several events in Canadian History have resulted in several heated feelings between French and English Canadians. Though the majority of English Speaking Canadians have tried to reconcile with French Canadians by making several attempts to mend their relationships, the question about the needs of French Canadians still exists. Through an extremely thorough analysis of several key sources, it is evident that the needs of French Canadians were, undoubtedly, not met, which shall be plainly and exhaustively proven through an in depth analysis of French Canadian Nationalism, Heritage Problems in Quebec, as well as impending acts of terrorism in Quebec.

French Canadian Nationalism has always been an impending issue within Quebec; which during previous times, received sudden spikes, eliciting concerns from the Canadian Government, as well as the people. Due to the fact that the Quebec people's need for change was left unattended, matters were taken into hand, thus sparking the Quiet Revolution1. The people of Quebec wanted the change that would finally unite them with English Canada. Seeing that this was a long way to come, Quebec jump-started the change in their own manner by voting the Liberal Party into power in the year 19602. The liberal party made many positive endeavours for Quebec in that era, led by Jean Lesage. The most notable of these endeavours, regard the modernization of the Quebec education System, making the legal status of women equal to men, as well as lowering the voting age to eighteen3. During this point in time, Quebec had reached the epitome of i...

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... exhibited by Quebec, the threats to French Canadian Heritage, and the various terrorist plots carried out in Quebec all show, through their own ways, that the needs of French Canadians were not met. Through the ups and downs of Canada’s diverse history, the needs of the French People were certainly always ignored.

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