Were Mongolians Uncivilized and Barbaric? Essay

Were Mongolians Uncivilized and Barbaric? Essay

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Despite the fact that Mongolians were prejudiced against other cultures, they were, in fact, not barbaric but rather civilized because of their gender equality of people and how advanced their cities were. In The Book of Ser Marco Polo, Polo tells us how beautiful and well protected the city was like. For instance, the text explains how the city was protected by two great powerful walls surrounding the entire city. Only well advanced and civilized people can do such a thing such as creating an enormous wall. If the Mongolians were barbaric they wouldn’t have even thought of protection.. In Addition, the way the city looked also proved that they were civilized and not barbaric.
In The Book of Ser Marco Polo, chapter X (Polo, 2) tells about Genghis Khan great Palace and how unique the building was structurally and by design. Polo stated how Genghis Khan palace was so vast, so rich, and so beautiful, that no man on earth could design anything superior to it. The walls were covered with gold and silver throughout the palace. Not only was his palace was so extraordinary and unique, ther...

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