Essay on The Welton Is A Traditional Educational Institution

Essay on The Welton Is A Traditional Educational Institution

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In this film The Welton is a traditional educational institution. The students, especially the main character Neil Perry is expected to perform at a high level. Neil’s father has high expectations for him and has went through a lot to get him into the institution. The overall intent of this film is to get the students in a traditional setting to break away from conformity. The intent is also for viewers of the film to believe in what they want and do whatever they put their minds to. Also to get them to dig deep into the realism and romanticism of poetry. To find creativity within themselves and find some passion and creativity they haven’t seen before. They find solitude in poetry and within the “Dead Poet’s Society”. An old group their teacher was a part of when he attended The Welton.
The students, teachers, administration, and the classroom re all situated and portrayed in different ways. For example the administration at The Welton are very traditional. They’re in complete control of what goes on in the institution. The administration are expect to get the students and the teachers to perform at the highest level that they can. Administrations job is to keep the traditions traditional on campus. Also to get all of their student’s out of highs school and into the real world as important role players.
The classroom setting is situated in normal rows and column setting. Designed to see who s or isn’t participating in discussions. The classroom is also situated to see who is actually using their talents and abilities. Speaking of which the teacher was able to spot out that Todd Anderson didn’t write a poem. He got Todd to close his eyes and speak what he was visualizing but holding back from saying in front of the class. There c...

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...ore. The students start out as any regular students almost like robots coming to school doing the bare minimum to get by, but at the intuitions the students learn the progressive and traditional characteristics of the institution and carry that with them for life. Then soon after the films are started the teachers and professors give the clueless and curious students a voice. These voices being the main conflict of these movies and or documentaries. For example, when you are in college to get college credits they come from test like the calculus placement test. But, in a dead pool society the actual society from when their teacher was a student at The Welton. The cultural models and dead pool society are that all the boys are very intelligent and have their own ambition and they should use that to perform at that highest level and keep their institution traditional.

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