Essay on Welform Reform and Basic Human Needs

Essay on Welform Reform and Basic Human Needs

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Welfare is a great incentive program to help the ones in need, to maintain basic human needs. Over time people have started to misuse the system. The program is created for the ones who worked really hard or can't work because of any physical or mental challenge. Many Americans on Welfare today, don't want to work, and collect free money from the government. The homeless that are on the streets deserve it more than anyone. Our country is aware, but we are not taking action, we need to step up and end this immorality. Welfare should be reformed, because many people are abusing it, its putting our government in debt, and giving away tax money from paychecks of the ones who work. However, Welfare is great for the ones who work hard, and still have a hard time supporting their families.
However, over decades the welfare system has been overused and abused. These people have no motive to earn money, because they are guaranteed their monthly check. The system was created in 1930 during the great depression to fulfill basic human needs. Americans who misuse the system are morally corrupt, because there are more than 600,000 people that need it more. These homeless people can't get Welfare because you must have an address. Welfare needs to change that law, because the ones that are suffering the most need help. The Abusers are going it because they know how easy it is to get the money. Many people are having children to easily, because they know the government will financially support them. People are not seeing the duties of being parents, and should not have kids if they are not able to support them. The parents that misuse the system use the money for more than just basic human needs. We need to educate people on human reproduction;...

... middle of paper ... equal and gives an equal chance to become whatever you want.
Never the less, there are many solutions to this problem. The first thing our government can do is more in-depth researching and questioning in the applicants. Secondly, they should help the homeless people and have a government program for helping those doesn’t have a home. Our government can have different programs to which the taxpayers know closely how their money is being used. We need to cut down the spending, and see more closely where the money is going. Even though Welfare currently is helping a lot of people we should reform it so the people that need it can still receive their money. Welfare is really good giving chances to ones who don’t have them, but can be even better if the misuse is put to end. We need our government to start doing more theory checks and start taking action quickly.

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