Welfare : The Worst Kind Of People Abuse Welfare Essay

Welfare : The Worst Kind Of People Abuse Welfare Essay

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Some people abuse kids, some people abuse drugs, but the worst kind of people abuse welfare. The definition of welfare is the statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well being of people in need. Meaning the government gives this money to people in need for their daily basic necessities. The idea of welfare started during the great depression, then Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the social security act, which established a number of programs designed to provide aid to various segments of the population (“Welfare Information”). Welfare was made to help people in a poor, physical, and/or mental state because they cannot work. Although the economy and country improved, people got used to being unemployed. To this day we have many people who don’t work, not because they can’t, but simply because they don’t want to. To decrease the abuse of the welfare system, agencies can reduce the misuse by requiring frequent drug testing, provide a few more jobs of different interest, and/ or if it comes down to it take away the whole system.
Welfare is a helpful tool; many people rely on the government for the financial help. Welfare can be received for a short period or long period of time. Although there are many people who abuse the luxury of getting welfare, there are also many people who use it to their advantage and use it to help them get back on their feet, using it until they find another job and make their own money again. To receive welfare you cannot make more than about $1000 monthly. There are approximately 110,489,000 people on some sort of welfare. Annually the government spends around $131,900,000,000 on welfare, and that is not even including food stamps or unemployment (“Statistic...

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...ough there are many jobs available now, people don’t want to work a job they hate. If the governments spend more money on building new jobs, people would actually get a job at a place they are interested in or in a field they actually enjoy, instead of a play they are forced to work at. Instead of spending so much money on welfare systems, the federal government should focus on creating more job options for the unemployed. This option would not only help the abuse of welfare, but would also help decrease unemployment rates.
Over time welfare has continued to help people and families in need, but it has also been abused by the wrong kind of people. By changing just a few laws, we could reduce this problem, and make America an even better country. To decrease the misuse of welfare all the government really has to do is drug test or open up more job opportunities.

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