The Welfare System Is A Better Efficient System Essay

The Welfare System Is A Better Efficient System Essay

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I would agree that the welfare system is a “broken system”, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that the welfare system needs to be “wiped out” before it can be improved. The welfare system is a large system and within that large system there are parts of the system that works well and there are parts that need additions and changes made to be more effective system with assisting individuals to become self-sufficient. Additionally, the welfare system needs to undergo change to become a more efficient system.
One addition that would benefit individuals with increasing self-sufficiency would include adding job coaches to the welfare system. I work with many individuals that would benefit greatly from a job coach to assist with learning how to complete an application for employment, create a resume, explore their interests to match with employment, evaluate their abilities, or even simply locating places of employment. Another addition, that I see a great need for is independent living skills such as budgeting, organizational skills, meal planning, and time management skills. These do not have to be elaborate additions, but we need to prepare individuals with the basics to become self-sufficient. It should be mandatory additions that individuals have to take part in to be eligible for TANF, SNAP, and state founded medical insurance.
I agree with the limited time of 60 months that individuals have to receive TANF. In 60 months an individual, that intends to improve their circumstances, has the ability to increase education, search for employment, have children enrolled into school, and make changes. I do not agree with the amount of TANF that is provided to the families that are in need of cash benefits to make ends meet. According to G...

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...g fundraisers held by the church. Many churches have food pantries, clothing pantries, warming centers, safe havens, and financial assistance programs to assist the poor and needy. I know of a church that has a welfare system of their own that provides many services that assist the needy and poor reach goals of becoming self-sufficient. In rural areas churches could assist individuals with transportation for the family to meet employment goals, educational goals, and medical needs. Churches could offer support in independent living skills area by offering guidance and support in budgeting, employment searching, education, and so forth with classes, meetings, and support groups. Churches must advocate for the poor and needy. Churches should provide for the needy and poor to the best of their ability while also working to empower individuals that are living in poverty.

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