The Welfare State Is A Political System Essay

The Welfare State Is A Political System Essay

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The welfare state is a political system that has been an important ideology used by countries that provide social programs to its people. One may say that the rise of the welfare state is caused by capitalist needs that lead to failure and end up hurting the well-being of its people. When the country is faced with a critical situation that hurts the people and the economy, the government is required to provide welfare programs that attempt to cure the consequences of failures of the country. For example, the Great Depression was the result of an economic crisis that caused the decline of people’s well-being. The society was faced with tremendous financial problems and the only way to fixed it was by providing an efficient welfare system, such as the New Deal. Among the programs certain acts passed, like the Social Security Act, provided benefits and compensation to workers and their families. Social welfare programs became prominent in the U.S. after this period, but it did not meant that the country was engaging in the ideology of a pure socialist system. It is important to mention that a welfare state is: the intervention of government that aims to create equitable economic and living conditions among the citizens. The government provides all the physical, social, and materials needs, rather than the people obtaining it themselves. There is a redistribution of wealth by taxing the middle and upper class that aims to help the underprivileged with multiple and different social programs. In contrast, a pure socialist system is when a population collectively owns and controls all means of productions that at the end is distributed proportionally. However, a socialist society does not engage in profit accumulation like a welfare stat...

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...orms that will be beneficial to the people. Roosevelt’s plan consisted in providing different reforms that will allow workers to have better job opportunities and benefits. He does not resort to revolutionary changes, but rather in old customs from the past. Therefore, he insisted to the people to continue working by saying that “[the] greatest primary task is to put people to work. (...) It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself, (...) accomplishing greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our natural resources” (Roosevelt 1933, par 9). Roosevelt is invoking the idea of the American dream, in which a person living in the U.S. can be prosperous through hard work. By living like this, the economy will restart to become better. Through socialist methods integrated into a capitalist society, a welfare state rose.

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