Essay about Welfare Reform : The Welfare System

Essay about Welfare Reform : The Welfare System

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Welfare is the financial aid given by the government to citizens that are not making enough to support themselves and/or their family or even making no money at all. The welfare system was developed in the early 1800s and has been modified many times since it was first developed (Welfare Info). Over all of this time and all of the times the system has been changed, you would think that it should be close to flawless by now, right (Welfare Info)? Wrong. The current welfare system is extremely abused and needs to be completely revised.
Funded and governed federally, the official welfare system was born in the midst of the Great Depression in the 1930’s (Welfare Info ). Originally, the welfare system was created to help the many families that had lost their jobs due to the major downfall in the US economy, and for the past 80 years, people have complained about the welfare system being unfair or abused (Welfare Info). The amount of people on welfare increases dramatically every year. As of 2009, the amount of people on welfare had increased by 27% in Oregon, 23% in South Carolina, and 10% in California than in the previous year (Murray) . This could actually give proof that the welfare system has been used for good, in a time of need, during the last recession of 2007-2009(Murray). However, even as the economy got better, the percentages continued to increase. The percentage of federal increase in the usage of the welfare system is at 19% since 2008 (Harrington). Also, as of 2012, the total spending cost, by the government, has risen from 779.9 billion to 927.2 billion since 2009. That is a ridiculous increase especially if we were heading out of a recession, which adds proof to the fact that the system is being abused. Many people ...

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...nt of time and give them the tools and resources they need to learn how to become successful and give them goals to work toward to eventually being able to work. It may take more work on the citizens and governments side, but in the end it would help the well-being of the United States citizens as a whole tremendously.
In conclusion, welfare is not a completely terrible thing and with some major changes to the system it could become something that positively changes the United States. With a better welfare system, the amount of people needing financial support has the potential to decrease and the amount of independent people working toward their true potential will increase greatly. Overall, the welfare system has some flaws, but with revision we can work toward abolishing abuse to the system and reinforcing it to help the people with good intentions using welfare.

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