Welfare Recipients Should Not Be Paid Essay

Welfare Recipients Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Recently, a medical care professional witnessed a patient on welfare assistance proudly state that he dodges the mandatory work requirement by showing up late for job interviews. During the interviews, he purposely makes himself an undesirable candidate by stating that he has two speeds, slow and slower. The work requirement was the government’s way of forcing recipients to work towards employment by applying for and attending a certain number of interviews each month. This particular person is unwilling to find employment and is content to have others pay his way. An employee at Walmart reported that she personally experienced a welfare recipient use his temporary assistance card to purchase steak, lobster and a slip and slide. He could make these extravagant purchases because the type of welfare card he used had no restrictions on purchases. This type of behavior upsets the American taxpayer because it shows that some welfare recipients are ungrateful and dishonest. These kind of stories divide our nation and give welfare a negative stigma. The financial contributors see welfare recipients as lazy people who benefit from other people’s money instead of seeking employment and taking responsibility for themselves. They are perfectly content to live their entire life on welfare. Knowing that welfare will always be there for them, recipients become content and never strive to better themselves.
Even though the United States Welfare System is without question inefficient and unsustainable, the idea of providing assistance for those Americans that are truly going through difficult times is necessary. The welfare system is intended to provide basic life necessities to individuals that suffered a loss of employment, a death in the ...

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...ersial and emotional subject. The American people do not want anyone to be homeless or worried about their next meal. The thought of a child without basic life necessities is heartbreaking. As Americans, it is our duty to help those in need. However, Americans do not like to be taken advantage of or cheated. The basic issue Americans have with the welfare system is the lack of oversight and waste. Once our leaders can make the necessary reform to improve the efficiency, plan for financial longevity of the program and require recipients to be accountable for their own actions, Americans can finally work together to reduce the number of citizens who find themselves in need of financial assistance. These welfare reforms would go a long way in helping the American people trust that their hard earned money was actually helping out those who truly can not help themselves.

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