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GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) is more economic; Springer reports that “ GMAW is an economic process because it has higher speeds and higher deposition rates than manual arc welding. There is also no need to constantly change electrodes” ( Page 11). GMAW has a higher speed, which means that you can get the job done faster. It also has high deposition rates which makes the weld look clean and smooth.” This method can be used for a high range of work, but it is not suited for repair work because of it’s weld quality” (Page 4). This process can be used for many variations of work including root welds, joints, T’s, butts, laps, and many more applications. Even though its used for many practices, it is not recommended to use this method for repair work because of the quality of the welds. “ It’s easy to use and it is inexpensive to afford now with 110v machines. But you cannot weld for a long time like a 220v machines would produce. Both have different duty cycles” (Parag. 7). M.I.G is something anyone can learn easily, it’s inexpensive to afford. 110v machines don't bring out the best power to weld, because these machines do not have a good duty cycle. Most people prefer 220v machines because they produce more work, even if they are more expensive. GMAW is the cheapest most reliable process for welding.

T.I.G ( Tungsten Inert Gas) is a challenging process to learn. Jonathan Atteberry claims that “ T.I.G welding is difficult to learn and requires an elaborate welding rig of skills. It also uses a lot of electricity to make the welds clean and spatter less” (Parag 5). T.I.G welding is hard to learn because of people having different hand coordination. Most people would expect a long time to weld TIG because it is hard and requires a lot...

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