Welcoming New Saudi Students At St. Mary 's University Essay

Welcoming New Saudi Students At St. Mary 's University Essay

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Welcoming New Saudi Students at St. Mary’s University
On Saturday, August 29, I attended an event dedicated to welcoming new students from Saudi Arabia at St. Mary’s University. The event took place in Raymond Russell Park, between 12pm to 4 pm. The event was sponsored by the Saudi Club of St. Mary’s University. The purpose of the event was to greet new Saudi students who just arrived to St. Mary’s University to continue their studies. Some of the students were already familiar with the life in the USA: some of them were exchange student who transferred from other schools, the majority being from San Antonio. In the same time, other students were new to the life in the States, who were sharing their new experiences and many of them admitted to have experienced a culture shock. The attendees were mixed of new and old Saudi students at St. Mary’s University. There were also American students, who were invited to the event by their Saudi friends.
I arrived around 1:00 pm to the place which was hosting the event. I went to an empty table, set there for a while and observed. As time passed, more people started to arrive. There were students with their families and children. Children were playing in the playground, women were sitting together chatting and exchanging contact information while men were welcoming each other. I decided it was high time for me to join one of the tables and moved to a table with two students were discussing something. I introduced myself and joined the conversation. After a few minutes of conversation I came to know that one of the girls was new to the school and the country, while the other girls have been studying at St. Mary’s University for about two years. The new girl started asking the others about th...

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...ctivities for children would be very nice.
In conclusion, I would to say that one could easily sense a spirit of cohesion and cooperation between Saudi students. I also felt cultural integration between Saudi and American students. On the other hand, I realized how much Saudi Club has developed from the moment I arrived to the USA. According to a broad experience as a Saudi student in the USA, I can understand the importance of such event for the new students. When I came to the USA for the first time, there was no such event organized solemnly for new students, so I had hard times quite often. For example, it was extremely hard for me to find friends from my country, who could help me overcome many psychological difficulties, language barrier, and new environment. The existence of such an event is a great idea as it helps new Saudi students overcome many challenges.

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