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American population is made up of people with different ethnic background, religious ideologies, political beliefs, and American has accepted an arrival of new people from overseas very warmly. However, America is been cautioned about an immigration issue for past hundred years. During Progressive Era, and Industrialization, rate of immigration has increased exponentially, and American government has set up a strict immigration laws to control the flow of people across the US borders. Legal immigration favors American society, and economy. However, illegal immigration weakens America. America looses money in taxes, local community with high number of illegal immigrants suffer financial burden, and crime rate increases among illegal immigrants.
One of the impacts of an illegal immigration on American is losing money in taxes. Because of a lack of proper documentations, illegal immigrants do not have any legal rights to work, and enjoy benefits like other employees do. Therefore, most illegal aliens find cash-paid jobs where they are not issued pay roll checks. Hence, no taxes are taken off from their income. Moreover, these types of jobs do not appear on any kinds of government records; therefore, IRS or other government agencies are unable to track down immigrants or their employees who do not pay in taxes. As reported in the Washington Post article, committee reported a net fiscal deficit of $10.4 billions in taxes or an average of $2,500 per household due to illegal immigrations (Fitzgerald). If government keeps loosing such amount of money, it could have drastic effect on the economy. Moreover, undocumented immigrants work for less than minimum wages and they also do not qualify for healthcare. Nowadays, such immigrants are a...

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...ld imagine. Such illegal activities do not stop at drug smuggling, but sporadic gangs are also active over downtowns of major cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Huston and many more. Local law enforcements and FBI spends immense amount of money to catch their most-wanted criminals, and fugitives, and it often costs officers lives in close shooting with gang members. Hence, only certain people benefits from such illegal activities, but it harms everyone including innocent residents of this country.
America has always welcomed immigration warmly, but sometimes it becomes essential to control what comes into the country. Any immigrant comes to the United States with an honest intention of pursuing American dreams of success and prosperity is welcomed; however, it is essential for the American government to prevent possible illegal immigrants and their activities.

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