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Welcome At The World By Christine Robinson Essay example

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Welcome to the world according to Christine Robinson. I am sarcastic, funny, smart, affectionate, and full of attitude. This journey shall be an interesting one as we take a look into how I became me, how I found my way through God and how I learned to forgive and move toward a better me. Let’s get started.
On May 11, 1972 the world was introduced to a feisty 8 pound, 91/2-ounce baby girl. The next 42 years Christine has had a life full of love, laughter, anguish, pain, trials, tribulations, family, happiness and the list of adjectives can and will go on. I don’t recall much about my infancy, I have been told by my parents and my grandparents that I was a good baby, loved to be held and seemed to always smile. I didn’t walk or talk for the first two years, something my mom says probably had a lot to do with my brother wanting to do everything for me. I would point or grunt and he would pick out anything within that area and bring it to me. My brother Jim, is exactly 13 months and 10 days older than me. We look like twins, we fought like enemies and he was my first best friend. The friend that was always by my side regardless of the problem. He was my protector and my rival.
My parents are Jim and Arlys, my dad is retired now, but he was a truck driver and was home very little during my childhood. He showed us how he cared by working, providing for us and reminding us he was the boss. We did our best to allow him to believe this was true. He was a good provider, hard to say whether he was a good dad or not. Some of my memories of him are less than kind. He showed us the only thing he knew how to do and that was work. He rarely told us he loved us but he loved to make me cry. There is a story he tells, I was about 2 and he would st...

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...as no longer working as an over-the-road truck driver, he was home every day and my mom was working fairly normal hours at a grocery store. We went camping and waterskiing and there was a lot of family time; something we lacked years previous. I was healthy, I had muscles, and I loved to show my stomach muscles to my parents. Berger (2014) states, “beyond the sheer fun of playing, the benefits of physical activity – especially games with rules, which school-age children are now able to follow – can last lifetime.” (page 311) Our neighborhood was out of this world with the excitement of play and the joy of being outside running, jumping, crashing bikes, roller skating, and challenging each other if they were truly tagged or out of bounds. Some of my happiest memories are from E. Atlantic Pl.
Spring of 1980 changed my life forever; we were eating tacos and my parents

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