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Welcome At The Plainville High School Website Essay

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Welcome to the Plainville High School website. The Plainville High School Administration, Faculty and Staff are very proud of the educational opportunities available to all students. Plainville High School is a fully accredited secondary school that provides an exceptional learning environment for our students.

We continue to develop and grow in leaps and bounds as a learning community aligned with the district focus on Students, Teaching and Learning as we strive to fulfill our PHS Vision: Prepare all students for a successful and rewarding life in the 21st century global society.

Advanced Learning Opportunities: Plainville High School has experienced many successes and accomplishments over the last several years with increasing numbers of students engaging and succeeding in challenging, college level courses. In addition to more than a dozen Advanced Placement (AP) options offered, our University of Connecticut Early College Experience programs have expanded significantly, providing students with another avenue to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. These programs provide rigorous learning opportunities and help to ease the financial burden on families to pay rising college tuition costs. Between Advanced Placement, UConn ECE and Tunxis dual credit programs, our students have more than 20 different opportunities to earn college credit while at PHS. We are proud to have doubled these programs and equally excited about the expansion of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. These programs include our Digital Devils FIRST Robotics team, our STEM Lab complete with 3-D Printers and the latest in high-tech equipment and real-world applications to provide a wide variety of hands-o...

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High school graduation has increasingly become a stepping stone, rather than the end of one’s educational journey. The majority of Plainville’s graduates choose to continue their education in a four year college or university, while others choose community college, military service or entry into the world of work. In these difficult economic times, it is important to gain as much leverage through education and training as one can. Education is a key that opens the doors to opportunity.

Plainville High School is an exceptional place to learn and grow, and we will continue to make it even better. We look forward to an exciting year ahead. Please contact me at lepages@plainvilleschools.org or call (860) 793-3220 with any questions or suggestions for improving Plainville High School.


Steve LePage
Principal of Plainville High School

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