Weight Loss Doctor Paul Rivas Created The Cheater 's Diet Essay

Weight Loss Doctor Paul Rivas Created The Cheater 's Diet Essay

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Cheater’s Diet

Weight-loss Doctor Paul Rivas created the Cheater’s diet. Dr. Rivas is a board certified Internist and Bariatrician. Rivas believes that due to boredom and excessive restriction most people struggle with weight loss. When he created the Cheater’s Diet, he created it so that people wouldn’t feel guilty indulging in “bad” foods. In Rivas’s book he breaks down that as long as you eat healthy on the weekdays, you are able to indulge from 9am on Saturday to 9 pm Sunday. The main goal is that you have to cheat in order for this diet to work. The main objective of this diet is to eat a Mediterranean-style diet during the week, then cheat all weekend long. This diet is also based on portion control. Rivas claims that by cheating on your diet plan only for the weekends, it increases your metabolism therefor, reversing the metabolic slowdown that happens when you restrict calories. When the body’s metabolism is increased, it continues to burn fat on the days you are dieting. Rivas also claims that when you have your weekend cheating it helps to keep you on path Monday through Friday. On the Cheater’s Diet you don’t have to exercise as often and that just doing basic daily tasks such as, cleaning house is enough exercise for this diet plan.
Rivas writes in his book that during the week it is advised that you eat three meals and two snacks daily. Each meal is based on the plate method: one half of the plate is vegetables or fruits, one quarter is lean protein, and one quarter is whole grains. Week day snacks consist of: small portions of fruit, nuts, sugar free or low fat hot chocolate, fudge popsicles, yogurt or pudding, protein bars or protein shakes. Rivas provides two weeks of weekday menus in his book. Rivas makes it cle...

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...t should be more. Rivas also includes supplements into his diet that some say could be doing more harm to your body than good. Rivas includes snack foods based more to his taste than the actually readers. He spends too much time trying to incise you to try the diet with all the junk food you will be able to cheat eat on the weekends.
Overall I do believe eating well and portion control is a good way to lose weight. Cheating occasionally is not necessarily a bad thing and can be encouraged, but to a limitation. The Cheater’s Diet could actually do more harm than good if placed in the wrong hands. I don’t think Rivas took the time needed to really test the Cheater’s Diet out. I think he was more set on grabbing the readers’ attention and selling his book. The Cheater’s Diet needs research in order to prove it is a working diet, otherwise it sounds too good to be true.

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