Weekends On Campus Are Extremely Nice Essay

Weekends On Campus Are Extremely Nice Essay

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Weekends on campus are extremely nice. There aren’t many people around because surprisingly many of them go home on the weekends. Some of the residence halls have movie events, boards games, or even programs going on. Every Friday night there is bingo in the HUB Ohio Room. Bingo is two hours from ten to twelve at night and who can beat free prizes and pizza. There are multiple rounds each night and you keep the same two cards that you receive when you walk in. Each round has a different prize and some prizes repeat week to week. There are always two movie baskets, a large container of cheese balls, and beta fish. Some popular ones are Razor scooters, body pillows, and random mugs full of candy. These are only for one bingo. The final round is the best prize and the hardest to achieve. These are blackout rounds. You must clear the full card before shouting bingo. Bingo even has its own environment. There’s people half asleep and ones who drank about ten cups of coffee just for it. Somewhere in the middle of the room are people who scream “Yaaasssss” every time one of their numbers are called and then just let out a high pitch scream when it’s not.
Saturday’s were always reserved for football games and, with an I-Card, students could get into every game for free. It was a very different atmosphere than anything I had ever experienced before. There was a lot of yelling at bad calls and cheering when there was a significant run for a touchdown. Every touchdown would then be followed by a shot from a cannon that could be heard campus wide. My favorite part was always IUP’s The Legend. This is the school’s marching band who would play before, during, and after the game, and had a different routine for each part. The pregame show would...

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...ore.” No more than two minutes later, she called me and I wasn’t able to say three words before I started crying on the phone in the corner of the library. The people around me looked concerned and started to whisper to each other. Inside, I wanted to curl up and the smart thing to do would have been to leave the library, but I couldn’t get myself to pick up and leave.
Like any good mom, she knew exactly what to do. She put my father on the phone and he tried everything he could to make me laugh. I stopped crying enough and he told me that it was okay to break down because sometimes there’s nowhere else for the frustration or sadness to go. He had to leave, so my mother got on the phone again. Immediately I started to cry again. At first she was worried about me crying but then she talked to me till I calmed down enough that I could continue studying for my exam.

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