Essay Wedding Dresses 101: Knowing the Different Styles

Essay Wedding Dresses 101: Knowing the Different Styles

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Picking a wedding dress can be the most crucial part of a wedding for most brides. Many women consider this as the most special day of their lives and they want to make sure they look their best. For brides who don’t know much about dresses though, they may have a hard time knowing what dress would be best for them and their wedding.
They key to choosing the best wedding dress is to first know all the different types and the features they offer. There are six basic styles that brides can choose from.
The column or sheath dress is a body-hugging dress that runs vertically from the shoulders straight to the floor. It would look best for brides who are slim and who have an hour-glass shape as it is highlights their figure. The column dress is also good for athletic looking brides with a lean shape and for petite brides as it will make them look taller. This dress is good for intimate or casual-type weddings.
Ball gown
This dress is also known as the fairy tale dress because of how it makes the bride look. The ball gown dress makes a bride look like a princess with its fitted bodi...

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