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Website Report On Web Analytics Essay

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Web Analytics can broadly be classified as the process of tracking, measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting the internet data of website visitors’ activity for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage and how websites are used by its users.
Web Analytics is not only used for analyzing the data usage on websites but are also widely used to monitor website traffic, to optimize an organization e-commerce initiatives, Digital Marketing, Advertising (through web campaigns), Customer Surveys, Referral programs, Click streams, etc. Consumer preferences or behavior are well explored by marketers who understand these dynamics by identifying areas where consumer is more likely to click often when they are online.
The technologies used in Web Analytics are generally classified into Onsite and Off Site Web Analytics. Onsite Web Analytics deals with the data collected on the current website and measures the interaction of the user with the website, which in turn can generate the number of visits, click pattern and the time spent on the website. An example would be of Google Analytics from Google Inc. While Offsite Web Analytics deals with third party companies and derives data from information in the public domain like surveys or reports from its competitors or market.

Search Robots can be referred to as a program which visit websites and read its pages and information in order to create entries for a search engine index. They are the tools used by web search engines to build databases. Search engine behemoths-, are examples of this activity.
These ‘Robots’ also referred as Crawlers, Spiders, Scapers or Wonderers primary task is to work as web browsers except they don’t need user interaction. They l...

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...nd which pages or areas within the site do not attract traffic. They can alternately tweak and modify the site to create good user experience. Regularly monitoring customers’ traffic would enable organizations understand their customers better and enhances their overall performance. Therefore there is the need to design their websites accordingly.
However, the benefits overweigh such limitations. Web Analytics continues to play a dominant role in the fields of Digital marketing, Social media and e-commerce. It has enhanced and provided plethora of data for web analysts to derive insights which eventually lead to better business decisions and drives values. Furthermore, with the expansion of data sources and advancements, Web Analytics will play a crucial role in not only shaping the overall web experience but also on how businesses are performed in the 21st century.

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