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Most small or large business owners are experts in their given field; therefore, they choose to hire experts in other fields. When you purchase a TV from Sam’s, you expect it to come with all of the components. If the power plug or the remote control is missing, you call the store for the missing part. When you buy a chicken salad from McDonalds, you expect the chicken to be a part of the salad, when you purchase a hamburger From Burger King you know beyond the shadow of doubt that somewhere in between the buns, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo that there is a hamburger on that bun. When you are taken to the hospital for emergency heart surgery, you expect to have complete heart surgery, you understand that there will be a hefty bill for saving your life, but you don’t expect for them to tell that they you could only clear two valves out of five. Now the average client or customer believes that when they hire a web designer and purchase a website that they also own the content, code and copyright along with the license.
Now let us look at the two main components of Web site design: page design and dialog design. Page design comprises elements that can been seen through a browser: text and pictures along with headers, footers, icons, banners, buttons, and links arranged in different typefaces and fonts, columns, tables, etc. The objective of page design is to position elements in a way that important information is recognized, less important information can be located with only little effort, and unimportant information has been eliminated. Information may include text, graphics, menu items and navigation buttons, or site identifiers.
Web page design corresponds to screen or window design in interactive systems, or page layout in p...

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...n contract, you can include language that permits you to use images of the design for promotional purposes and such or that you retain ownership of say scripts that you frequently use and that you are allowing the client to use the scripts and that this "limited license" only applies while he/she uses the design as provided without modifications, and that the scripts cannot be reused by another should the design be changed.
In other words, your clients should own the content/copyright and he is hiring you, the designer to help him get the job done.

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A Shaker Approach to Web Site Design written by Michael D. Levi, July 19, 2008.

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