Website Hosting Platforms And Websites Essay

Website Hosting Platforms And Websites Essay

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Blogger vs. WordPress the Winner Revealed
There are so many website hosting platforms and websites available on the internet for blogging purposes and many others. Two very eminent names which come to mind when it comes to blog hosting is Blogger and WordPress. Since newbies find it very difficult as to which of these two to choose, it is very imperative for everybody who would love to own a blog get know the differences in features that they both share and have. They both have some features which clearly differentiate them and clearly make one win when it comes to which of them is the best.

Their Pros and Cons
Although both of them have their pros and cons, one completely outweighs the other. One other keen factor that should come to mind when you are to choose between the two of them is that you should clearly know what you want or need the blog or website which you would want create be about. The theme or reason that the blog would be known for is very important when it comes to choosing of a host site. More so, the audience, thus, the traffic that would be expected on the website or blog would also be an important factor that would have to be considered when choosing a blog or website host. Blogger is very easy to use when compared to WordPress, and it provide step by step instruction on how to go about everything there, whereas, WordPress on the other hand is very advanced and would look a lot more complicated to newbies than that of Blogger. This is the first difference in features which clearly separates both platforms, making Blogger the best option for beginners and WordPress for much advanced bloggers, although both brand themselves for beginners and advanced bloggers.

Their differences
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...bsites and blogs. However, the factors that I have mentioned in this article should be pondered over when choosing any of them. The factors would determine which one would be convenient for you to use. I would personally recommend using Blogger if you are a beginner although it does not have most of what WordPress has, however just the fact that you can use blogger to do whatever you want and it is also very easy to use, should be enough reasons to opt for that. However if you are looking forward to build a much professional website or blog, WordPress is the best options for you. And with regards to the pros and cons, differences, merits and demerits that I have discussed in this article there is no doubt that the merits of WordPress totally outweighs that of Blogger hence making it the best choice to make when it comes to the contest of WordPress vs Blogger.

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