Website Blocking at Dagang Internet Cafe

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MINI PROJECT REPORT Website Blocking at Dagang Internet Cafe 1. INTRODUCTION Web blocker plays an important role in enabling consumers to limit web browsing activities and to protect users and their computers from accidental or intentional exposure to IT security threat Technology can be used to limit what sites users can access. This has obvious benefits for consumers and web filtering technologies today's advanced and highly reliable. The Dagang Unternet Cafe want to block all users of a Windows PC from opening certain websites, regardless of the browser they use. There have only make a few simple additions to the Windows hosts file. This method is straightforward and free, and it doesn’t require to download or install any additional software. It's an effective method for restricting users at the Cyber Cafe of all ages from seeing the content shouldnt want them to access. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND A cafe internet or cyber cafe is place which provides internet access to people, usually with payment according to time rate. The Dagang Internet Cafe located in Jalan Zamrud, Batu Pahat that provide Internet access without filter any website that is not supposed to be accessed by customers, especially those under the age of such students. Dagang Internet Cafe was the first internet cafe in that area with Broadband line is a Broadband 1MB and now the Cyber Cafe use a 200 MBps fiber internet. The cafe is a place where many people play online games especially the student and some of them always access the website should not. There have 45 computers. Figure 1 : Location a Dagang Internet Cafe at Batu Pahat 3. OBJECTIVE • To prevent users from blowsing the internet should not be accessible. • To protect the us... ... middle of paper ... ... Figure 4 : Hosts File after the hosts file is opened, it will appear as in the figure 4. Figure 5 : blocked the url Assume the website to blocked, type, tap the spacebar once, and then type the address of a website you want to block. For example, at the bottom line as the Figure 5. Click File, Save to commit to your changes. Dismiss any warnings from antimalware software, which may be triggered by your editing of the hosts file. Figure 6 : url before it are blocked This picture show the before are blocked will show the interface. Close any open browser windows, and then reopen a browser to test the edits. Figure 7 : browser The blocked sites should not display in any browser. This happens when the website after blocked from being accessed.

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