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Web Site Evaluation

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1. From the content of the web station, we could find that the online business model of it is a combine one; it contains B2C and B2B both. If you login this web, you could see a form with two lines, which at the top of the page. The first line lists the goods that are waiting for being bought. The second line lists four famous brands companies. Although we could choose the goods from the form, and it seems that it does not make any business activities with other company, the four companies just put their goods on the web page, and let the web company sell it. The four companies must make some agreements with the web station, and these activities are the B2B model. The transactions conducted between businesses on the web, which often called B2B model. Besides of these, the net payment is by the electronic bank system. These transactions are also conducted between businesses.
2. Many companies, which involve its business to the web, should build their sites to meet the specific needs of various types of customers. A good first step in building a customer-based marketing strategy is to identify groups of customers who share common characteristics. 800Buy is a company that sells the digital goods, commodities and gifts to support people to send present at special time. Its customers include domestic denizen, overseas customers, and domestic company customers or overseas. In fact, the main customer of 800Buy is person, from the site we could find it.
3. The context of the sites is arranged very well. First, at the top of the first page it gives the customers a brief form that provides the main products. Then the following it divides the form into detailed parts, and each part has a detailed content. So the users could find their products much easier. From this point we could see that the context links up closely.
4. Every company that involves its business to the web should make their sites specifically. And as we know, most larger sites and many smaller sites include content created specifically for the Web site. These activities require that the company hire content creators to write original content and content editors to purchase existing material and adapt it for use on the site. 800Buy company is not a big enterprise, so it could has its own content editors to design its sites.

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So it hires some one to work with it, and the sites are both dynamic and static. A dynamic page is a Web page whose content is shaped by a program in response to user requests, whereas a static page is an unchanging page retrieved from disk. Most of the 800Buy web pages are the dynamic content, but the delivery page is generally the static page. Because the static Web page that used in the delivering performs better than the same delivering dynamic Web pages because static page delivery requires less computing power. And dynamic content is nonstatic information constructed in response to a Web client¡¯s request. Today, Web sites accomplish page generation task using dynamic page generation technology, and so does 800Buy Company.
5. The 800Buy company does a good job in the customization. Sometimes the same person will require different combinations of products and services depending on the occasion. So the 800Buy company divides the products by different occasions. For example, in the gift column there are four occasions: wedding, birthday, friendship, and romantic. So the customer could find the suitable goods much easier.
6. The community is the virtual city or town on the web. In this area, the consumers could ask questions and if they want to search a product, but they do not find on the sites, they could put a information here to get help. Besides of these, they could give the company advice as well. In a word, the community provides the consumers a open area to talk about the company¡¯s operation, and make themselves searching goods easier.
7. The 800Buy company provides the commodity to the customers with fixed price and standard. So in this point it does not do very well. The customers could just choose the products on the web. If they have their own needs, they could not get quick response from the company. So we think this company should make an improvement on this thing.
8. An important element of corporate Web presence is communicating with site visitors who are customers or potential customers, and identify and reach out to customers. Most businesses are familiar with two general ways of identifying and reaching customers: personal contact and mass media. But the 800Buy company connects with their customers by the internet, which could be many-to-one or many-to-many connecting form. How the web communication works is explained in the textbook, so it is need not to talk more here.
9. Because the 800Buy company cooperates with many banks, and the payment is though the net bank system, it is very safe while performing an online transaction. When the customer confirms his or her products, and wants to pay online, the payment system will first authenticates the user and then confirm all the users¡¯ information. After that, the transaction could continue and until finish. All of these steps are under both bank and company¡¯s database. So the customers could transact very safe.
10. Many net markets do not let their customers pay their bill directly ¡°on-line¡±. In fact, it let their consumers use their credit card for paying. But in China there are many other payment ways. For example, they could remit though post office. The 800Buy company use multi payment option. The consumers could pay by using credit card or remit though post office. The researchers find that most clients like pay online by using their credit card, because this way is much more convenience, faster, and safer.
11. Most web markets station sends their products by post office. So the selection of delivery is not very wide. And the companies often have the fixed cooperators; it means the consumers could not choose which post company to send their product. On the other hand, with the needs of the customers developed, the service of the web increased. Some companies in the big city improve their service. To the native customers, they provide special service. The customers could receive their product intraday without sending fee. The 800Buy company does a good job in this field. And the post cooperator Chinese Post Office Company is a very good company. Its services are generally satisfactory, convenient and reassuring.
12. Generally speaking, the web site of 800Buy Company is aesthetically pleasing. It has many product graphics that make the customers have a clearly idea of the products. And the color is suitable for the sites.
13. The loaded speed of the webpage is very important. As you know, most of the visitors don not want to wait for the webpage loaded too long. So for a good website, it should make the loaded time of the homepage less than 14 second. If prolong, the visitor will leave. For a retail website, it has to use many pictures to attract the visitor. And a webpage with lots of pictures will down the loaded speed. For this point the 800buy deal with it very well. The webpage designer make the webpage appear in three steps. First the frame of the page and the title of the website will appear. Then the advertisement and words of the frame come. The pictures of the each product will come last. The sequence of loaded webpage accords with the visitor¡¯s habit. Because most of the visitors prefer looking at something appear on the screen quickly to just waiting without anything. So in this website you will feel very satisfactory when you loaded the webpage.
14. A good website will always give the visitors clear navigate column. For a good B to C website it should give more navigate ways to the visitors. When I overall the 800buy website, I find every word appears on the page navigates the visitor. In the above table it gives seven choices such as present, IT products, and things for man and so on. After that it gives the more than 30 kinds of goods for choice. On the left of the page it gives the search engine for the visitor to find favourite goods. In others place there are the picture of the product with carefully describe. In a word this page is extremely easy to navigate and to use whatever the visitors come to the each part of the webpage. I find that almost 90% words and 100% pictures on the page can be clicked on. All the link words and picture can be used without any error.
15. I think it is very hard to say some place or some design of this website is innovation. But I can give my feelings when I overall the website. Firstly I think the layout of the webpage looks very good. It is simply without too much colourful pictures but it easy for the visitors to find goods. Secondly the fictitious shopping car is designed very reasonable. When you choose the goods, you can put it in. in the shopping car page you can do some operations of the good such as choose continue shopping or check on and know some information of the good such as the price, discount, quantity¡­ thirdly the characteristics of it is the order demand. In that page you will enter your name and password, your order ID and name, you phone number and name. These measures not only strength the security of the client but also ensure the client¡¯s identity. These measures make sure the transaction is true and secure. The innovation which it mentions directly is the discount card and e-card. Discount card is mean that the user will have the discount point during shopping, more shopping more points. He can use this service to know how discount he will get this time. E-card service supports the china merchant bank e-card operation.
16. The most attractive point of the 800Buy Company web sites is the gift selling model. As mentioned in the company overview, this web station is the biggest Chinese fashionable gift web market. So people could find the suitable gift at different occasions easily.
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