The Web Design Philosophies Of A Website Essay

The Web Design Philosophies Of A Website Essay

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According to Eccher (2015, p.7), there exist three web-design philosophies as it relates to the functionality of a website: usability, multimedia, and mortised. Usability refers to the ease to which a user is able to navigate a website, find information, process requests, and/or perform certain functions. Multimedia defines how effective websites uses animation, audio, video, and graphics to communicate its message to users (Eccher, 2015, p. 12). A mortised website combines the best of both worlds by presenting a website that is not only usable to its target audience, but has is aesthetically pleasing through the use of multimedia.
As state, there exist two types of website design layouts: fixed layout and fluid layout.
Advantages and disadvantages to using one type of layout over another exist. There also exist differences between the two types of layouts. Before examining the advantages and disadvantages, and the differences between the two, a brief definition of each layout design is presented below.
Tranfici (2013) defines a fixed-width layout as one where the width of the site is bound to a certain number of pixels, in most cases 960 pixels as it has been found to be the best size for grid layouts. Also, fixed-width layouts provide a sense of stability and control; if the width is known across all browsers and devices, corresponding graphics can be created.
A fluid (liquid) layout is one in which containers on the page widths are based on percentages and has media queries and special styles for optimization purposes. (Tranfici, 2013). Attention will now turn to the advantages of each layout type.
The advantages of a fixed width layout include allowing the designer to build web pages that will lo...

... middle of paper ...

...e of the window as the user changes their browser size while viewing the site. Liquid layouts permit the efficient use of the space allotted to a particular web browser window or screen resolution; they are preferred by designers needing to provide a lot of information in as little space as possible, but also needing to retain a consistency in size and relative page width regardless what platform is being used (Kyrnin, 2015).
A final distinction between fixed and fluid layouts relates to the measurements criteria. The fixed-width layouts are measured in pixels, but fluid layouts dimensions are defined in percentages which provides for more fluidity. In other words, by basing the layout on percentages, one doesn’t have to take in consideration device size or screen width, and consequently, the website pages can adapt to whichever medium is in use. (Tranfici, 2013).

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