Web-based Software Which Supports Service Delivery Essay example

Web-based Software Which Supports Service Delivery Essay example

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“Technology is now being applied to increase service efficiency and effectiveness, to meet reporting requirements, and to break through old capacity or service barriers” (Davis, Fanning, Smith & Shaw (n.d., pg. 10). Human service organizations face many challenges in delivering client services. Many challenges can be met with the utilization of web-based software programs that are designed to help agencies meet needs, reach goals, and fulfill missions. This paper provides an examination of web-based software programs helpful in delivering client services, the benefits of using such programs, and the factors that determine which programs should be used to meet needs.
Web-based Software
Accenture Health and Human Services
“The Accenture Health and Human Services software suite is a flexible, adaptable, standards-based set of solutions that support service delivery to citizens across multiple agencies’ programs, service providers and service delivery models while preserving existing IT investments” (Accenture, 2013, pg. 02). Accenture software suite is one that eases the sharing information, coordinating efforts between agencies, and offering clients a single point to access various services in one streamlined package. Accenture allows agencies a way to connect to services for families quickly. The software also connects stakeholders across the human service ecosystem. This allows stakeholders to see what programs are working and which are not. The Accenture website further states,” The software suite offers case managers a complete view of programs to which a family is currently subscribed and helps them better assess what more they may need quickly and efficiently” (Accenture, 2013, pg. 01).
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