Weather Causing Negative Behavior. Essay

Weather Causing Negative Behavior. Essay

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The weather conditions play a major influential role in a person’s daily life. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have be linked with different weather conditions, depending on the person. Different moods and behaviors have been correlated with different weather conditions, further proving its psychological effect. However, these same psychological influences have been examined to be more physiologically affecting. In this paper, the role of weather conditions, (positive and negative), in relation to their influence on behavioral health will be reviewed. It is hypothesized that exposure to constantly fluctuating levels of high barometric pressure will lead to negative behavior. The following literature reviews will demonstrate and support this hypothesis.
In a study examining whether or not weather can be considered as influential towards an individual’s daily mood, Denissen, Butalid, Penke, & van Aken (2008), presented a study that examined six weather parameters on mood. They wanted to investigate the effects of daily weather on people’s mood with the inclusion of individual differences. Temperature, wind power, sunlight, precipitation, air pressure, and photoperiod were all examined as the six weather parameters. In addition, positive and negative effects on moods were recorded, as well as tiredness as a result from these weather parameters. German participants, aged 13 to 68 years old, were required to begin the study by completing an online questionnaire that included material that was related to the current study. After completion, the participants, whom were mostly women, were to complete twenty-five questions online each day, for 30 days, between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. The questions were based on a scale of positive affect, neg...

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... weather, forcing those who are greatly affected by it to move to regions that have lower barometric pressure.

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