Wearing The Pin For Three Consecutive Days Essay

Wearing The Pin For Three Consecutive Days Essay

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When I realized the assignment was to wear the pin for three consecutive days, I thought the task was very simple to do. I didn 't have any problem wearing the button so the moment we were asked to wear the pin, I immediately put the pin on my shirt. I have always been a supporter of gay marriage and those of different sexual orientation. I was a leader of the human relations club and gave out speeches and meeting, talking about the issue of gay rights and equality for homosexuals. I was excited and eager to put on the pin since I was a supporter of accepting homosexuals. In the beginning, I did not focus much on the surroundings and people 's expression around me. However, as I continued to wear the pin, I noticed certain expressions from other people.
The task of wearing the pin allows you to step into someone else shoes and experience what is like to live as a gay person. You start to understand better and get an idea of how they feel being looked at and being judged for being gay. There were certain moments where I was being looked at and even, at times, given facial expressions as if they were in disgust for me supporting homosexuals. At first, when I looked at I would ignore the person. However, as I continue to have people looked at me more and given me an expression of disapproval, I started to feel more uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable because I didn 't like people looking at me and fearful of what could they possibly be thinking about me in their minds. I became less prideful and more uncomfortable about being judged by others. So after the first day I removed my pin. The next day, I decided to wear the pin on my backpack. When the pin was on my backpack, I didn 't seem to bother by it all. The reason I wasn 't bothe...

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... turn a blind eye rather than taking the time to be understanding of those who are different. The feelings of anxiety, being uncomfortable, and fearful is something homosexuals have experienced their whole life. Those who are not homosexuals also feel a sense of fear and being uncomfortable as well, due to not knowing how to communicate and understand homosexuals. Since there is a lack of connection and communication with homosexuals, it allows ongoing misunderstandings of one another. Consequently, misunderstandings of one another result in continuous discrimination and hatred against the LGBT community. Our society should not only accept and respect those who are different, but also take the time to understand homosexuals so we can better support the minority group. If people take the time to understand different people in this world, people would feel more united.

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