Weapons Of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gatto Essay

Weapons Of Mass Instruction By John Taylor Gatto Essay

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In Weapons of Mass Instruction, John Taylor Gatto, suggests that through crippling imagination, discouraging critical thinking and standardization schooling is rendering the common population manageable; therefore, individuals who one way or another escaped the trap of compulsory schooling have a greater chance of forging lives of success and independence for themselves.

Chapter 1:
Assertion- Big business has a huge investment in education, destroying the bond that schooling and education have held in the past.
Proof- Andrew Carnegie, a well-known captain of industry, in his work “The Empire of Business,” said that educational schooling, “gave working people bad attitudes, it taught what was useless, it imbued the future workforce with “false ideas” that gave it “a distaste for practical life.”
Personal Thoughts- How much of the way I act and think can I contribute to the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, conformity that takes place in schools? Am I as smart or as critical of a thinker, as I think I am or as I should be? As someone stuck in the middle the fish bowl of high school- an institution that practically breeds conformity, my eyes have been opened to the various reasons people act in ways they normally wouldn’t. I have witnessed first-hand my fellow class mates struggle with the need of acceptance, thus replacing their own individuality to ‘fit in’. Schools show no interest in truly developing and expanding on the different qualities and gifts each child possesses. If they did then why are all kids taught the same way?

Chapter 2:
Assertion- Individuals who break out of the bonds of mandatory schooling flourish in self-education resulting in remarkable achievements.
Proof- Chapter two begins with the story of G...

... middle of paper ...

...ool system we have to explore better alternatives, ask the hard questions, and realize that education is a life long journey.
Proof- “If I haven’t provoked you into beginning an analysis of your own I’ll be disappointed to have been, for just another time, only a schoolteacher. I need you to question your own schooling and the price you paid to sit for it; I need you to dig behind the illusions of education schooling produces; I need you to recognize how its imperial energy drives your understanding long after the classroom door seems to have closed forever.”
Personal Thoughts- As our current education system continues to decline the need for change has never been more pressing. Passion, Determination, and a positive attitude is the best formula for success in the real world. Schools need to foster these qualities to ensure a bright future for generations to come.

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