Weapons of Mass Destruction: Problems or Solutions? Essay

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Problems or Solutions? Essay

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Throughout history people have searched high and low for weapons to turn the tides of war. With modern technology we have reached a point that at the push of a button we could destroy our entire planet. The question now is, are the weapons needed for protection, or should they be destroyed in an effort to save the world from potential destruction? There are no right answers, only the loss of power or the loss of humanity. Which should we choose? We must all learn the dangers of weapons of mass destruction to decide which side to stand up for.
Government and Military strength has always decided which countries are the best in the world. Now with drones, the development of lasers, and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, every modern organization is a credible threat. Our way of life is balancing on a gymnast's beam. A big enough push could topple us over the edge.
Nuclear power is a huge topic and definitely a two sided coin. On one side we have an opportunity of durable sustainable energy. It’s got a lot of risk, but also high reward. With proper waste management, nuclear energy has very low greenhouse gas emissions and relatively low operating costs. Nuclear Energy could be the future as illustrated by the image below, made in 2010 (Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Worldwide).
The words in the image are unreadable. The large tower structures are made of tiny squares and each one represents one nuclear warhead, each color a different type owned by that country. Red are strategic warheads, blue are tactical, and white are non-operational. What is really important are the power plants located all over Europe. They are embracing new technology and attempting to improve their country with nuclear power.

On the other side of ...

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