We Will Be Moving The Midlands Tech Web Essay

We Will Be Moving The Midlands Tech Web Essay

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The premise of this paper is that we will be moving the Midlands Tech web

site from wherever it is hosted over to one or more on-site servers within

some limited period of time. This is somewhat ironic because the assignment

was written long before actual disaster did befall Columbia and Midlands

Tech in October, when the electricity went out and the internet went down

but the cloud-hosted site stayed active the whole time. But in this paper

the reader must assume some dystopian future where the President of

Midlands Tech does not have this example to benefit from, and assumes that

there is some benefit to moving a site and maintianing a server at ground

zero, because his current staff of computer janitors either don 't have

enought to do or are somehow more skilled than the dedicated staff of

Apache or wherever it is that kept the site running smoothly when the rest

of the city was in chaos.

There is absolutely nothing about this course that will teach you have to

move a web site, so I 'm just going to have to wing it. I will find and

match quotes to the good stuff and throw out the stupid stuff later.

Hopefully this tiny section will be tossed as well. Oh wait, it wasn 't,

because it adds to the page count? Oh well.

The server should be an Apache server, running a Lunux back end for the

network and a Windows front end for interfacing with various clients,

mainly because they all are. Seriously. I defy anyone to find a different

setup anywhere. It works and it works well. PHP for handling site I/O is

somewhat dated but works well with Apache, so I am assuming that is in

place now as well. Changing it up at this point would raise too many

variables. The same goes for MySQL and SQL; the...

... middle of paper ...

...iables. Once the site is up

and running it can be considered. As an aside, I do hope that is a real

feature that is in store for Midlands Tech 's website. The current "system"

of phone-tag is inefficient, immature, and infuriating. I have not managed

to procure an appointment with an advisor since I have been here. Web-

enabled registration is the only reason I am still a student.

And we 're finished. Bob 's your uncle!


Web Hosting For Dummies


Here is a Gantt chart of the process, because Gantt charts are fun. I have

no idea how much time is needed for each step, so I just gave everything

two hours. Real time frames are not in the book. In fact, I can 't find any

anywhere. It 's probably some sort of trade secret. But, colors!
(5 tasks, 3 subtasks ea.)
Here is a flow chart of the process, because those are fun too. Go Raptor!

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