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We Too Sing America By Deepa Iyer Essay

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During this semester we have covered many materials in which we have found and have come to the conclusion that history has mark the concept of race. Apparently the color of your skin whether it be black, white, brown, red, or yellow has ever mattered in America. A predominantly white nation, conquerors of power, land, receives privileges and opportunities, and beneficiary of those whom were weak and lack resources forcing them into slavery. America is a colorblind society and our past carried along to our present has served as evidence that supports it.
Covering varies materials in the course we find that many racial groups that encounters injustice acts and are summons by the equally act just because of their skin tone. We Too Sing America by Deepa Iyer is a very good reading that support the argument that America is a color blind society. In her writing Iyer refers to the fight for racial justice and a more tolerant United States for South Asian, Sikh, Arab, and Muslim Americans post 9/11. The reading is very interesting because as we browse and recollect knowledge from our history courses we find current event that we can relate to relevant to the systemic discrimination against minority communities in America. As Iyer presents the current trends of brown activism in America and proposes her vision for our increasingly multiracial society, it is a situation in which not just Asian, Sikh, Arab, and Muslim can identify with but any other none white ethnicity group. The quote by Iyer "Together we can walk boldly toward a vision of a more inclusive and equitable future, one in which there are no more 'others ' - one in which there is a place for all of our beloved communities." is one of inspiration and hope.
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...s a privilage and will conpensate anyone with benefits within differnet cultural settings. Diversity is one that we might question because due to our skin color, our status will be define within society. Black Women Against the Land Grab:.
Black Women Against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil, The Condemnation of Blackness and We too sing america promotes equallity actions against different ethinic groups. Thru activist actions and communnity interventions each author promotes the importance of unity and solidarity among ourselves as a culture. Muhammad 's book goes a long way in explaining groups like Black Lives Matter. We too sing American is a recent enough book that also includes a chapter on solidarity with Ferguson and #Blacklivesmatter, but also goes further to the notion of solidarity with other communities of color and its importance.

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