We Should Lower The Drinking Age Essay

We Should Lower The Drinking Age Essay

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The use of alcohol has been dated back thousands of years past the Egyptians and Greeks, drinking wine or beer was not an uncommon sight to see thousands of years ago and although times have changed its still not uncommon to see someone drinking today. Fermenting grains or fruits simplifies the processes of making the substance we call “booze”. Drug-Free World’s “The Truth about Alcohol” provides information to anyone free on the Internet about alcohol, the drug, we commonly consume today. It not only tells us that alcohol is a depressant but explains to us a depressant is a drug that slows down our bodily function systems. Drug-Free World also explains why people drink, the reactions that happens to these people, and tells us that Ethyl alcohol is the type of alcohol we consume but how many different types can be made and used. Glimpsing over these facts from the site would have someone conclude that drinking is a normal procedure worldwide and it has been forever, then why would one think to stop consuming it if our species has been for centuries and still solid? Naturally one wouldn’t, especially living in an ecosystem where alcohol is prevalent. Growing up in America there are mainly two possible ages when someone could legally drink, 18 years and older before 1984, and 21 and up in states after the piece of legislation was passed. This law set the legal drinking age higher but on a federal level only with state approval; but with states changing laws on the issues of alcohol in youth, should states change the drinking age in the U.S. also?
The Drinking Age should be lowered.
Alcohol has been a part of our society not only in the country but the world since the beginning, having all 50 states in America setting the minim...

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