We 're Not Old ! : Women 's Negotiation Of Aging And Oldness Written By Laura C. Hurd

We 're Not Old ! : Women 's Negotiation Of Aging And Oldness Written By Laura C. Hurd

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After reading the article entitled “We’re Not Old!” Women’s Negotiation of Aging and Oldness written by Laura C. Hurd and Chapter 12 of Introduction to Social Work in Canada: Histories, Contexts, and Practices written by Nicole Ives, Myriam Denov, and Tamara Sussman as well as incorporating the lecture content on aging, I have discovered my own assumptions on aging. After reflecting upon the selected content I have established my own assumptions and stereotypes about aging and discovered where I have learned these assumptions. Furthermore, I have distinguished what theory of aging I follow as I grow up and become independent. With those results, I have also reflection upon the distinct labels of “not old” and “old” and categorized myself on how I assume I would feel within one of the distinct labels. Therefore, after reflecting on the selected readings I have made multiple assumptions on aging.
Aging is happening to everyone all the time and that is where my assumptions and stereotypes begin. I often consider aging to only affect me after I turn sixty-five and have noticeable wrinkles on my face, but I am constantly aging everyday. I think I learned this assumption from school, work and also just from the general community. It is often brought to attention that aging is a negative occurrence and once an individual is sixty-five they get discounts and treated differently. I believe I have taken that into consideration when making my assumption that aging only occurs at age sixty-five and on leading myself to believe getting wrinkles and becoming old is only with age. Another stereotype I have created about aging is that older people do not know how to use technology. I believe this assumption has developed because I have seen my p...

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...dred who discussed their views on aging, I categorized them as “not old” because they were all so full of live and had an amazing attitude towards aging (Dr. C. Phillips, Personal Connection, March 14, 2016).
Therefore, I have established multiple stereotypes about aging after reading the selected readings and class discussion. In addition, I believe I follow the successful aging theory and with a positive attitude and a healthy, active diet I will live a long and happy life. I understand there are two distinct types of old people and I distinguished which I believe to be. When looking further into these conclusions, I realized most of my assumptions and realizations have formulated from within my family. Therefore, my family impacts my assumptions and my theoretical views on life immensely and I now understand where and why I have these assumptions about aging.

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