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We 're At War ! Essay

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“In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.” Violence is something everyone has to deal with or will deal with. Whether it is a shooting, fights, wars, or abuse people will deal with violence. The United States of America knows very well about all types of violence even though it is not one of the most violent places on earth. It deals with police violence, domestic abuse, gun violence, school shootings, fist fights, and war. War is something America has done since its conception, but why is that? America goes to war for multiple reasons, it goes to war very often and the wars have brought up some interesting view point from artists.
The America has gone to war multiple times and very often. In the article titled “We’re at War! — and we Have been since 1776: 214 Years of American War-Making”, by Danios, states that America has been at war since its revolution 240 years ago. Although the article is mostly about how Judeo-Christian patriots have tried to make the world a better place in their mind it still gives important bits of information. Case in point, 214 years out of 239 America was in a war whether it was small or big (Danios). That is roughly 89.6% of the U.S.’s life span. There has never been a decade where the U.S. is not at war (Danios). That is baffling for a country so intent in providing peace but goes to war more often than not. What is more baffling is that, according to the article, “no U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president” (Danios). So how can a president truly say we are looking for peace when all they do is “pick a fight” with other countries or itself in some cases. Another interesting detail is the longest time America has not been in a war is 1935-1940 during the i...

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...y holding cell”. The band bought the rights to the film Johnny Got His Gun precisely for the songs music video. Musicians or artist bring that philosophy that the violent wars are not worth America fighting or in general the world and they do it because most people do not.
America can be a pretty violent country because as a young country we does not see anything wrong with a fight. We been to war since our commencement as a country, we go to war for some silly reasons and artists have a terrible view point on the wars we fight in. America has been at war from beginning till end and it has not seemed that it will stop anytime soon. We fight those wars in the name of freedom, prosperity, Manifest Destiny, and to show our strength. When will it stop though? When will the last war America fights in? Bob Dylan Says it best “the answer my friend is blowin ' in the wind”.

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