We 're Anti Police Brutality Essay

We 're Anti Police Brutality Essay

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“We 're not anti-police, we 're anti-police brutality” (Sharpton). Every Time we put our hand over our heart and recite the words justice for all, not justice for some. everyday innocent minorities are affected by police brutality. Minorities make up “58% of the population in federal prisons”(NAACP). Which is shocking because you think the larger percent of the population would have a larger percent incarcerated. A prime example of prejudice, or false assumption. Police brutality will have a negative outcome on the next five years because the community will violently uprise, innocent people will continue to die trying to defend oneself, and it will create unnecessary drama and tension in America.
Influential philosopher john Locke taught that when your government isn 't providing what it is people need they have the right to rebel and that was what america was based on. so when minorities in which this country was founded on feel as though they aren 't being treated equally they will rise up against the government. the basic teachings that have been instilled into every american whether they know where it came from or not. they have been taught that if you don 't like something change it and they will. which will have impact on the future, why go thru a whole revolution when we could just correct the issue easily without an up roar. violent revolutions are not good for a country when a country in is divided it can 't face the real issues and it takes money.
When we look back in history we see revolutions like the french revolution where people were not satisfied with the thing their government was doing and they revolted we see people like gandhi who peacefully protested we see people like martin luther king and nelson mandela. ...

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...tio is extremely tilted towards one side and when you have minorities being more likely to be in jail than the majority who has a larger population.

In order to summarize, if racial profiling continues people will rebel against the government. According to Locke when your government is not protecting your rights then we have the right to rebel, and replace the current officials. We need to make a consensus effort to accept each other and not to judge a book by its cover. We need to break down the barriers by integrating and homes and taking minorities out of the clusters that they have been put in. we need to teach young children through their favorite television shows and books not to judge each other based on frivolous things like skin color. By breaking down these barriers we will all come together and become a unified force called the United States Of America.

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