We Propose A Reusable Biological Switch Essay

We Propose A Reusable Biological Switch Essay

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We propose a reusable biological switch that is capable of toggling between on and off states within a reasonable amount of time. To accomplish this, we will use biologically modified Escherichia coli transformed with a bi-stable switch-containing plasmid. A bi-stable switch is a genetic component that allows for the continuous expression of one of two phenotypic states. Toggling between these two states is controlled by the presence of specific chemical inducers [16]. The two states in our proposed design will be light production (ON) and the absence of light production (OFF). For recyclability, the choice of inducers is crucial. Our inducers need to be naturally metabolized by E.coli to allow for our system to reset after each induction event. Our circuit contains the Lux operon and the Lac repressor (LacI) under the control of the L-Arabinose-inducible pBAD promoter and the pBAD repressor (araC) under the control of the Allolactose-inducible Lac promoter. This DNA assembly is inserted into pSB1A30, a high copy number plasmid backbone containing a multiple cloning site and an Ampicillin resistance gene [1, 11, 12]. For our inducers, L-Arabinose (ON) and Allolactose (OFF) are chosen because the E. coli strain used (BL21(DE3)) contains endogenous metabolic pathways for the degradation of these two compounds [14, 17]. This innovative technology may be useful in numerous applications including, but not limited to: diffuse lighting for large areas, decorative fixtures, and electronically pre-timed lighting. We hope that our proposed prototype will generate awareness for unconventional lighting methods, specifically bioluminescence, while providing a means of reducing the energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, and material/tox...

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...]. Although these advances were unquestionably important, they lacked an easy way to modify light output. Therefore, we propose a re-usable biological light switch that can toggle between ON and OFF states within a reasonable amount of time. To do this, we used the concept of a bi-stable switch in which each module is induced by a specific chemical inducer molecule. In our system, L-Arabinose (ON) and Allolactose (OFF) were chosen as the inducers because the E. coli strain used (BL21(DE3)) contains endogenous metabolic pathways that can degrade them. This allows us to revert our switch back to the initial un-induced state, thus allowing the user to reuse this switch through multiple cycles [14, 16 17]. In conclusion, this innovation will allow bioluminescence to be used in a number of diverse applications while promoting awareness for unconventional lighting models.

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