We Need State Laws Or Amend Our State Constitution Essay

We Need State Laws Or Amend Our State Constitution Essay

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The initiative has been a very useful way to make state laws or modify our state constitution. Many praise the process as it bypasses the legislature and allows for a “direct democracy.” So far, about one third of the total proposed initiatives have passed. When it was first created, the idea was that people would work together in grassroots efforts collect the necessary number of signatures, but what has happened has been quite different. As with many things, money is a huge factor. One of the biggest criticisms of the initiative process is that most of them are backed by special interest groups with large amounts of money behind them. They can afford to pay professionals to collect signatures. With the average cost per signature being $1.50, the cost to get an initiative onto the ballot can be as much as $750,000.
Many criticize the fact that special interest groups have such power to get onto the ballot, but in some situations, it can be a good thing as well. Oftentimes, politicians stay away from hot political topics so that they don’t upset anyone with their views on the matter. This leaves the people that voted for them high and dry as they aren’t represented as well as they might like to be. The initiative allows these important initiatives to be brought to the ballot without asking any politicians to dirty their hands with it. Whether the special interest group is in the right to begin the initiative is up the voters. With all their money, these groups can bring initiatives to ballot and afterward campaign hard for them, but at the end of the day it rests with California’s voters.
Unfortunately, though it is the case that voters have the final say, their choice is often uneducated. California is known to have quite a few...

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.... In the 2012 election, everything was largely straightforward. The electoral college voted Obama back into office with 62 more votes than were required to win. The popular vote reflected that pretty closely. During our 2016 election, the electoral college gave Trump the victory, but the popular vote contradicted it. Some members of the electoral college are promising to change their votes to make a statement. Whether the electoral college was right to vote slightly against the popular vote has yet to be seen. Hopefully, the fact that these politicians do it for a living, means they made very educated choices.
In conclusion, the electoral college should not be abolished. It tempers the votes of Americans who are unwilling to educate themselves on the candidates. It also, and more importantly, allows for a slightly more equal representation through senatorial votes.

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