We Need Health and Safety for Immigrant Workers Essays

We Need Health and Safety for Immigrant Workers Essays

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The slaughtering, processing, and packaging of meat has long been associated with a high
incidence of accidents, injuries and illnesses. When the Occupational Safety and Health
Act (OSHA) of 1970 became law, the meat and meat products industry was designated by the
Department of Labor as one of the five Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) to receive
priority attention as part of OSHA's efforts to target those industries having the highest rates of
occupational injuries. In this paper I will explain why I agrees with the conclusions and recommendations of the Human Rights Watch in regards to worker safety concerning immigrant workers and why new laws need to be written that ensure worker safety regardless of their immigration status. The Human Rights Watch determined that jobs in the majority of meat processing, beef, pork and poultry plants were so inherently life and limb threatening and this commerce went as far as to blatantly breach international agreements pledging a safe and healthy work environment with impunity. Due to the high rate of injury at that time which was three times higher when compared to other private sectors commerce, in Nebraska, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) collaborated with the Omaha region, Mexican Consul Jose Cuevas on a recommendation to teach the importance of workplace safety to immigrant workers. Overhauling workplace safety especially in the meat packing industry is key to supporting Human Rights in America.

It is important to understand what OSHA is and what they do in regards to work safety in meat and poultry plants. It is also key to having an understanding of what immigrant workers are and the safety concerns that they have th...

... middle of paper ...

...ine maximum output at a speed that would not cause injuries to the workers.

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