We Need A Same Sex Marriage Essay

We Need A Same Sex Marriage Essay

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In October 2011, when 15-year old Jamie Hubley committed suicide, it shattered the delusions of tolerance of Canada in regard to sexual orientation (Shipley, 2015). Although ‘same–sex marriage’ was legislated in 2006 and there is a wide belief that LGB individuals have achieved equality socially and legally, this incident reveals that homophobia still exists. Moreover, out of 186 hate crimes stirred by sexual orientation, 48% victims were under the age of 25 years (Statistics Canada, 2015) but these statistics are questionable as the violence towards LGB youth goes unreported (Lee & Brotman, 2015). Victimization and harassments due to homophobia are unfortunately, an integral part of growing up of LGB youth and the hate; moreover, disgust and fear from internalised shame results in high risk for substance abuse, school problems, risky sexual behaviours and suicide (McDermott & Roen, 2016; Kosciw and Diaz, 2006, as cited in Chesir-Teran & Hughes, 2009). To understand the realities of LGB youth, we need a bigger picture, hence the youth in this essay are individuals aged from 10 to 25. Studies have revealed that lesbians and gay men recognise same –sex attractions in high school or middle school or even before (Newton, 2014). Even though there are policies such as Accepting Schools Act introduced for the wellbeing of LGB youth, the recurring violent and hate acts towards them show the ineffectiveness and loopholes in the policies. Thus, to alleviate social isolation and ensure the wellbeing of LGB youth, a social worker as an ally should raise the critical consciousness of sexual minority youth and work towards their collective empowerment by integrating social activism with queer theory in order to implement the existing policies ...

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... a significant role in describing LGB as sexual deviants as the Church used its power to combine with scientific knowledge (as cited in Lee & Brotman, 2015). According to Mullaly (2010), these establishment ideologies results in discrimination of LGB youth through various structural practice. Moreover, such systemic discrimination and heterosexist bias in forms of bullying or cyber bullying and hate crimes result in social inequities such as poverty, joblessness and mental health issues (Mullaly, 2010) which negatively impact on the wellbeing of LGB youth. From the exploration of this social issue, the importance of creating safer spaces for this vulnerable youth such as alternate families and LGB friendly school environment are evident in order to create a self-identity and break the barrier of social isolation of LGB youth (Lee & Brotman, 2016; Wagaman, 2016).

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