We Must Teach Our Children At Exponential Rates Essay

We Must Teach Our Children At Exponential Rates Essay

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Tracing back to the earliest forms of societies, a clear picture of moral values have always existed and been taught through different practices of religions and laws. Even today, we teach our children at a young age the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, pretending that the distinctions between these lines are clear, “black and white”, and containing no overlaps or intersects. As much as we wish to deny the truth and believe that these statements are still true, our world as a whole has become far to complex for such clear divisions to remain. The progression and advancement of our world which is now developing at exponential rates has resulted in too many unforeseen consequences, establishing a much more blurred concept of morality. This increasing development creates more and more cause and effect scenarios, resulting in one country’s gain equaling another’s loss. This idea of losing a clear moral code and good coming at the cost of sacrifice surged and become the topic of many debates and different works. In Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons Watchmen they use many different aspects of their heroes, references to other works throughout the course of the story, and parallels to current issues during the novel’s time, to bring to light this idea of blurred morality to show how the deterioration of society now requires resolutions to made through these new ideas of questionable ethics, as other options no longer work.
To lay the foundation for this idea, Watchmen uses their heroes to depict different approaches to solutions and their relatable immorality, using Dr. Manhattan to represent the idea of logic to approaching a solution. After a tragic accident, Dr. Manhattan is transformed into a superhuman being, with t...

... middle of paper ...

... the idea of heroes having moral ambiguity. In one flash back, he kills a pregnant woman in Saigon while doing work for the army. While this killing was unnecessary, it gets written off as “the cost of war”. Additionally, his past is filled with numerous flaws, one example being him sexually assaulting Sally Jupiter. Even though he has many faults and continuously making unethical decisions, because he is written as a hero helping fight crime for the greater good, he like all the other characters enter the moral gray area. Despite his countless immoral actions, after his death, most of his friends as well as society chooses to remember him as a hero, overlooking the wrong he did. This further supports the idea that moral ambiguity is the only solution supported by society as they quickly forgive all of his wrong doings, writing them off as necessary for his heroism.

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