Essay about We Must Take Action Against Suicide

Essay about We Must Take Action Against Suicide

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I was at a volleyball tournament in Chicago. We had just lost the championship game and all my teammates were clearly upset. My coach emerged from the locker room; her eyes were swollen and red from crying. Suddenly, every phone began vibrating, ringing, and lighting up. Confused, I read the thirty-two text messages I had received in the span of ten minutes. Every single one contained the same message, Karen was gone; she had committed suicide. From that day forward the word suicide has never held the same context. Rather than teenage suicide being some controversy discussed in the news, it became a painful reality.
Suicide, the deliberate act of ending one's own life, is currently on the rise and has become the third leading cause of death amongst adolescents and teenagers. In the past twenty-five years, the general occurrence of suicide has decreased, yet the rate for those between ages fifteen and twenty-four have tripled, ages that encompasses both high school and college students. Although the decision to commit suicide is highly personal and may not be fully determined, there are certain situations and circumstances that share common threads. The rates of suicide amongst college students are increasing due to major life transitions, which may cause existing psychological problems to arise or even trigger new ones along with increased substance abuse in the college setting. In addition to psychological problems and substance abuse, potential warning signs are not recognized, or we merely refuse to accept them.
Going away to college is a rite of passage felt by millions of teenagers across the country. For many, it is a time of excitement, even though it could be three o’clock in the morning and that dang History paper isn’t...

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... Sometimes, the news of a close friend committing suicide emerges from no preconceived notion, no warning signs, just the fact they are gone. On September 6th 2008 I lost one of my best friends to suicide. She was a college freshman who showed no outward sign of depression, she did not abuse drugs, yet she is still not with us today. Academic pressures frequently cause depression amongst students. Untreated and prolonged depression, along with substance abuse, often leads to suicide. In a culture where stress is the norm and sleepless nights of cramming for exams occur weekly, suicide rates are increasing. This can no longer be ignored by fellow classmates, parents, and university administrators. Our communities must take action against this preventable tragedy, so others may never have to experience the anguish felt by those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

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